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“Youshouldapply!!” - Personal Journey to Becoming a Flight Attendant

--By: Amynah Diop:  

On my last day in Paris I decided to become a flight attendant. I had been living there for a year, and honestly didn’t want to return to New York. I was finished with my year long adventure in the most beautiful city in the world and I was sitting next to an European flight attendant at Charles De Gaulle airport. It had been a rough last week, but my spirits were lifted after my conversation with this amazing air hostess, who’d seemed to have an amazing life. “You should apply!” She said, with her thick French accent. So it all sounded like one word- “youshouldapply.” She sort of squished all the words together. I chuckled at the idea since I honestly didn’t think that it was a job for which I would be hired. But, as we parted ways at John F. Kennedy airport, an inkling kindled in my heart.  

Months later, I went to the Delta website where I watched videos and read articles. I was enchanted! My research showed that Delta was voted one of the best Fortune 500 compan…

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