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Some DAM Tips!!!

--By: Asshur Cunningham 

With bicycles at every turn maybe Amsterdam (DAM) should be nicknamed the city of bikes. Nonetheless, the truth is DAM is a beautiful cosmopolitan metropolis, with lots to see and even more to do.

Getting to DAM 
Getting to DAM is pretty accessible and cheap, especially from European cities. I flew into DAM from London Luton Airport on EasyJet, one of Europe's budget carriers. The hour-long flight, which was extremely delayed, brought me to Schiphol International Airport a little after 11 PM, Amsterdam time. From Schiphol, I purchased a train ticket for €4,67, which took me to Amsterdam Central. There, you have the option to take the metro, bus or tram to your final destination. Though, since I arrived late, following multiple delays, I had to take a bus from Central Station to my hostel, The Generator Hostel. A nightly stay in a four-room dorm at the time cost €40, but it could be as low as €17. The price you pay depends on when you are traveling and how soo…

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